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Fox Sports: Caron Butler tells of police officer who saved his life as a teenager


Signing with the Sacramento Kings this offseason might have only been the second biggest part of Caron Butler's summer. The NBA veteran also saw the release of his autobiography, "Tuff Juice," which has earned some pretty famous fans in a few short months, such as Vice President Joe Biden.

SB Nation: Former Clipper Caron Butler's Tuff Juice Story


Of all the players that have played with the Los Angeles Clippers, Caron Butler is quite special. While he wasn't the most amazing player in terms of statistics, his time with the Los Angeles Clippers was still productive and (perhaps most importantly) symbolic.

NBA veteran Caron Butler talks about the police officer that saved his life


The day that Caron Butler’s life came to a crossroads he was at home sick, in bed, with a bucket next to him when police burst through the door.

Caron Butler: From Drug Dealer To NBA Veteran


It’s just about a month until the NBA regular season tips off, and veteran Caron Butler is preparing for his 14th season in the league. After a year-long stint with the Pistons, Butler will now play for the Sacramento Kings, his ninth team.