Comcast SportsNet: Former Wizard Caron Butler has book releasing

Caron Butler

Former Wizard great Caron Butler has a book coming out in a few weeks, and its title is one that Washington fans will instantly recognize: Tuff Juice.

That money moniker was bestowed upon Butler during his run with the Wiz from 2005-2010. Now 35 years old and with the Kings, the two-time All-Star will get to see his final product released to the masses on October 7th.

"Tuff Juice shares Caron Butler’s extraordinary journey from his delinquent youth in the streets of Racine to his role as an accomplished pro basketball player, dedicated husband and father, active philanthropist and burgeoning businessman," reads the book's summary on "Along the way, the book explores the incredible impact his single mother’s unconditional love and his college coach’s unwavering support had on him, and what drives him to be so successful in basketball and in life."

In a recent interview, Butler said his difficult younger days had a profound effect on him as he became a man (he was once arrested as a teen for having cocaine and a gun on school grounds), and explained that he hopes his writing can help kids in a position similar to the one he once found himself in.

"Its written for you guys, all the youth that needs to be inspired," he said. "This book is for you... I don't want to use my platform just to drive around in nice cars… I want to use it to uplift people. All this is from the heart."

Butler gets an assist from Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who wrote the foreword for Tuff Juice. And it looks like at least one current Wizard will support the swingman who helped make the team a perennial playoff squad during the mid-to-late 2000s:

The Wisconsin native's versatility was a big reason why he became a pivotal piece of Washington's successes, so it's no surprise that he's making such a smooth transition into the world of storytelling. By the way, it is recommended that you chew a straw while enjoying his work — the author would probably appreciate that.

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