How’s the Burger King business going?

CB: It’s going well, man. I’m happy that I’m doing some more things too. I just started the Fala Bar, opened a big new restaurant in Los Angeles last November and it’s going really well. Just keeping myself busy.

Keep going like that and you’re going to become bigger than Wahlberg.

CB: [Laughs] I like being around people that inspire me to do great things, to continue to push myself and raise the bar. It’s just not basketball, I want to explore more opportunities.

Gilbert Arenas has an Instagram account and he recently wrote some posts that drew a lot of attention. He mocked the Flint water crisis, wrote that WNBA players should play in underwear to sell more tickets… Just wanted to ask you if you would like to give some advice to your former teammate.

CB: I actually just texted Gilbert about a couple of weeks ago, told him that it would be nice to meet, sit down and talk after the season is over. I’ve always had a great deal of respect to him. He’s one of the most talented players that I’ve ever played with. I just look forward to sitting down with him. Just talk with him, see where he’s at. He really is a good dude.