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Dallas Mavericks' Caron Butler overcomes troubled past


Blinking back tears, Caron Butler peered out the prison van's back window at the devastation he had caused - the panic-stricken face of his mother, Mattie.

Interview With Caron Butler of the Washington Wizards


The Hip-Hop culture can be found in many places influencing many people. Racine, Wisconsin is one of those places and Washington Wizard All Star forward Caron Butler is one of those people.

The Great Escape


RACINE, Wis. The 17-year-old was home sick from school, napping away the effects of the flu, when he awoke to sirens and the chatter of a crowd gathering at the A&W restaurant across the street.

For Butler, Every Day Is Mother's Day


LOS ANGELES – Mother's Day is Sunday, and Los Angeles Lakers forward Caron Butler still hasn't figured out what to get his mom, Mattie Paden.