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NBC Sports Interview


Challenge: Find someone who grew up playing basketball and didn’t – for at least a moment – dream of playing in the NBA.

Interview on Yahoo! Sports Podcast: Grandstanding


Caron Butler has lived an exceptional life: raised in violence, he fought his way out of his tough upbringing to star in basketball, both at the University of Connecticut and at pretty much every NBA team in the league.

Caron Butler: ‘I Did A Year In Corrections Due To Drugs’


by the Doug Gottlied Show Caron Butler is an NBA champion and two-time All-Star. That’s impressive. But when you consider that Butler almost spent the majority of his young-adult life in jail, it’s unfathomable.

Sacramento Bee: Kings player Caron Butler uses past to inspire future


BY ED FLETCHER Caron Butler didn’t sling a little dope. He slung a lot. And before he was 15, he’d been arrested 15 times, he said.

"Solitary" by Caron butler


Spending time alone can be both therapeutic and traumatic. But it all depends on context. For example, going for a drive at the end of a long day can be a great way to clear your head. Spending time in solitary confinement as a teenager? Not so much.

Boston Globe: Butler’s new book spins a cautionary tale


By Gary Washburn BOSTON GLOBE STAFF Some players wait until they reach the NBA — until they make millions, travel in private planes, stay in five-star hotels, employ publicists and photographers — to attempt to gain street credibility.